Meet The Owner

I'm Claressa, UB's owner. I'm 33 and living in Pennsylvania with my kids. Birthday is December 31st, making me a capricorn. I'm a mother of two: my son, Alex(7) and my daughter, Savannah(4). My little zoo also consists of two dogs, three cats and my son's beta. I have a Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and been in the site world since my 11th/12th grade year. I'm am taking my career in a different path by becoming a CNA.

As a mom, I don't have many hobbies as I use to but I love doing things with my kids. I listen to pretty much all types of music, harry potter fan, yoga, crafting, and becoming more outdoorsy. As alot of other people, I've become depressed over the years and just beginning to take more care of myself. Has not been easy, but I'm determined. I like a lot of the older movies and I still watch shows like Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven. I have started into some new shows like 9-1-1 and the Walking Dead.