Terms Of Use

I do not ask for much. I only ask that you follow a few simple rules when you're visiting my website! Thanks for your time!

Unbreakable offers free graphics for visitors to use on their sites. While visiting my site, please be respectful or click the 'x' in the top right corner.

Give Credit
If you use anything from my site, please give credit. You can find my link buttons and banners by clicking here. ^_^ DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT use anything as a template for your site. Email me and ask, I might consider.

Don't Steal
If you steal things from my site without crediting me, I'll report your site to your host and it will be shut down. Some of my graphics have a copyright on them so I can tell if you remove it, etc.

Direct Linking
That's a big no no. The only things that can be direct linked are graphics with an actual code below them. You can try to direct link my images, but I will replace the image with 'I like to direct link'.

UB Link Buttons
This should be a GIVEN that these buttons are NOT templates for you to use. They are under the SITE SECTION, so where in the world would you get the idea that it's ok to use them as a base of your own. With that said, DO NOT take them unless they are under the graphics where all the CONTENT FOR VISITORS is kept.

Don't spam my tagboard with cybering, advertising, drama, nonsense, etc. I can ban IP's from the tagboard for those who want to be rude. Also, fill all the info out, any quests will be ignored and banned.

Don't edit any of my graphics and/or redistribute them on your site. You can edit the images such as: blank buttons, blank signs, premade layout headers and anything else that may apply to that.

I always like to hear about suggestions in making the site better. I'm open to anything, just no cutouts and some facebook related stuff. Note: This website belongs to me; I decide what to put on it in the end.

I do love receiving gifts my either my affiliates or fans that love my site. I will NOT accept gifts in the form of layouts or splashes. I only say this because I have received one and the person didn't credit the background used for the splash and I was accused of stealing. I appreciate the person for taking the time to do something like that, but that's not fair to the person you're making it for.